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Art installation, Lowndes Park 20th June. Buckinghamshire County Council, in partnership with Chiltern District Council and Chesham in Transition launched a campaign to encourage the residents of Chesham to take a step back and look at their lifestyle with a view to making a 'Change for Chesham'.

Using plastic bottles - made to look like vehicles - we represented the traffic issue in Chesham's Broad St / Berkhamstead Road during peak hours. This was a success, with a good number of schools taking part.

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A part of the displays on the day were School travel plans. For details of these, visit:

Travel and traffic are one of the Eight Doorways of the Green Corridor - the 8 ways to making a school sustainable:The others arebuildings and grounds, food and drink, purchasing and waste, energy and water, local well-being, global dimension and inclusion and participation. For a link to a downloadable1 page resource:

The goverment website:

Learning Outside the Classroom - a report about education in the Chilterns can be downloaded from: (Scroll down the page until you reach the 'Other' section. It's the 7th item in that section)

Websites National Association for Environmental Education (NAEE) -the national network of teachers, advisers and education officers professionally concerned with any aspect of education and the environment. We are a voluntary action group whose aim is to care for Chesham's environment, part ofChesham in Transition. The Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Details may be found here about visiting the Chilterns, news and events, projects.

** please contact us if you would like to get involved.

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