Energy efficiency - Efficient fittings

A well designed responsive, zoned heating system that automatically cuts in when and where necessary can reduce energy consumption.

Low energy light bulbs can significantly reduce the energy consumed through lighting a building and as it is almost always has a high frequency can have the additional benefit of reducing the tendency for headaches and eye strains in areas occupied for a long period.

In some locations it may be appropriate to have daylight sensors to ensure lighting automatically switches off when the daylight level is adequate, however whilst energy efficient this can lead to occupant dissatisfaction, as not all occupants require the same lighting levels.

Movement detection lighting can also be appropriate in areas that are used intermittently (e.g. meeting rooms, toilets, store rooms), as these detectors will ensure that lights are automatically switched off when the space is unoccupied.

An energy efficient boiler can offer considerable operational cost savings and are typically no more expensive in capital terms than a less efficient boiler.