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Domestic buildings - Energy

The energy savings trust has a useful (and extensive) website which focuses on energy savings in the housing sector and covers existing housing stock, refurbishment and new builds.


The site includes sections on practical solutions for building professionals and home owners, useful publications and information for local authorities and housing associations including some issues relating to transport. They have a frequently asked questions section with all the questions you ever want to ask! Questions range from;

  • Is it true that you use more energy to turn lights on and off than to leave them running? TO
  • Is it better to use a dishwasher or wash up? TO
  • What are 10 things I can do to save energy in my home? TO
  • Do I need planning permission to install a small wind turbine on my house? TO
  • Are there any grants available for under floor heating and solar hot water panels?

 See here for more details;

Domestic buildings - Code for Sustainable Homes (New homes)

On the 27 February 2008 the Government confirmed that from 1 May 2008 it would be mandatory for all new homes to have a rating against the Code for Sustainable Homes. The Code measures the sustainability of a new home against nine categories of sustainable design, rating the 'whole home' as a complete package. Categories include

  • Energy efficiency /CO2
  • Water efficiency
  • Surface water management
  • Site Waste Management
  • Household Waste Management
  • Use of Materials
  • Lifetime homes

The Code uses a 1 to 6 star rating system to communicate the overall sustainability performance of a new home. The different levels are made up by achieving both the appropriate mandatory minimum standards together with a proportion of the ‘flexible' standards. The Code sets minimum standards for energy and water use at each level. For more information contact the Communities and Local Government website (CLG)