Green Drinks Review

Green Drinks: A personal reflection

Following her first visit to Green Drinks at The Drawingroom in January, Helen McGrath reviews her experience:

"New to Chesham in November, I decided to take the plunge and go along to The Drawingroom last Thursday evening. So, I duly left the husband in charge of putting the children to bed and headed off with an open mind as to what the evening would bring. I guess I was going with 2 thoughts in mind; that I would meet some like-minded folk from Chesham and begin to embed myself into the local community but also that I would learn more about Chesham as a Transition Town.

There were 11 people there including the speaker, a woman called Amy who spoke eloquently about goal-setting. I had expected a much larger turn-out where I could mingle with people who lived in the same town as me and wanted to share their thoughts and ideas on sustainable living. Now, don't get me wrong, that did happen, but on a much smaller scale.

We talked openly and at length about how the very nature of the term 'green' can be an immediate turn-off for many people. We discussed whether the term 'sustainable living' is a more approachable one which attracts more people and we were then asked to think about goals we'd like to set this year around the theme of 'green issues/sustainable living'. These goals could be on a personal level or bigger ideas looking at the wider community and bigger ideals of Transition Towns. After giving this some thought and discussion, it dawned on me that I would love to see more of the local community, who have shown an interest in Chesham as a Transition Town, participating in the monthly Green Drinks.

A major part of any Transition Town is the development of a stronger sense of community.

One idea which Amy shared with us, and one which has really stuck with me, was this: if there is something you are really passionate/enthusiastic about, share that passion/enthusiasm with 2 other people and encourage them to become as passionate/enthusiastic as you. Then ask those 2 people to pass this on to 2 more people. The scenario used was that of composting. So if this really is your bag, try and inspire your next-door neighbours to begin composting too in such a way that they then feel inspired enough to encourage 2 more people and so on...

Using this idea, I have already asked my next-door neighbours if they'd be interested in coming along to the next Green Drinks!

Let's all try and spread the net wider and make the Green Drinks an evening that creates a buzz which you, the local community, are inspired to be at. I see no reason why these evenings, which are meant to be a social event, can't be as popular as the events Richard [at the Drawingroom] puts on with the right mind-set.

Have you got any ideas how we can do this? What would encourage you to come along?

So, good people of Chesham, lets go to it!"