Grow Your Own At Home

You don't need loads of space to start growing food...

Spring is in the air, the soil is warming up and its seed planting time! But what do you do if you don’t have an allotment or large garden but still want to grow your own food? Well small spaces can produce a surprising amount of delicious, healthy and cheap food...

It was reported in the latest The Organic Way magazine that Mark Ridsill Smith set himself the task of growing £500 worth of food from his small, north-west facing balcony and six window sills of his London home. Just six months later he had already beaten his target and had grown food worth £669!

Mark said, “Few people realise just how much you can grow in a tiny space. This year my balcony and window sills have produced the equivalent of 100 bags of salad, 120 packets of herbs, and 92 punnets of tomatoes, as well as runner beans, courgettes, mangetout, carrots, potatoes, blueberries, and strawberries - and there is still more to come.”

Square Foot Gardening
This is a very simple, low maintenance and adaptable way to introduce growing space into a small garden. See for more details and links.

Container Growing
If all you have is a yard, hard standing area or balcony there are still many options. All sorts of containers can be used to grow food in. Fill pots, buckets, tubs, redundant wellies, old colanders, car tyres, or sturdy bags with compost, sow the seeds and watch things grow!

Vertical Spaces
Growing fruit and vegetables against walls and fences means that you don’t need a large area of ground to harvest many different kinds of produce. Raspberries, blackberries, apples, pears, grapes, figs, climbing French and runner beans, peas, mangetout, tomatoes and many others can all be grown vertically.
The One Pot Challenge: The One Pot Pledge is an exciting new grow your own campaign from leading gardening charity Garden Organic. Their aim is to get 30’000 people who have never grown anything before to give growing a go! Take a look at for details.

Garden Share
Could we share our gardens with each other to grow food?

Transition Town Chesham are developing a Chesham Garden Share Scheme whereby local people who wish to share their garden can be linked with other local people who want to grow food… a win-win situation! Find out more and join up on our Garden Share page


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