Land and Garden Share

Want to grow your own food but need more space?

Got space to grow food but have no time or know-how?

Chesham has approximately 255 official allotment plots available for it’s residents to grow their own vegetables and fruit through both Chesham Town Council and The Duke of Bedford’s Trust – however there are over 90 people on waiting lists!

More and more people in Chesham want to rent an allotment to grow their own and with a characteristically slow turnover it could be a long wait before a plot becomes vacant.

But there is another way…

We are fortunate in Chesham that there is a lot of green space available for us to enjoy and many people have good sized gardens. But there are also many people who would love to grow their own fruit and vegetables but lack the space.

Could we share our gardens with each other to grow food?

Transition Town Chesham are developing a Chesham Garden Share Scheme whereby local people who wish to share their garden can be linked with other local people who want to grow food… a win-win situation!

For example: Sally’s garden is too small to set aside an area for vegetable growing, however Sally’s neighbour does have space in her garden but is unable to do the work herself. So they are going to share their resources to grow food for both households

Likewise, Gill has a couple of acres not being used that she would be happy to share with local people to grow fruit and vegetables in a co-operative way.

If you are interested in being a part of this scheme in any way or have ideas or time to offer, then please get in touch via our Contact page

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