Save water, save our river

Did you know...

  • The River Chess which begins in Chesham is home to rare and unusual wildlife such as water voles, brown trout, green sandpipers, grey wagtails and visiting osprey.

  • The average person in Chesham who lives in a property without a water meter uses 176 litres of water per day, compared to the UK average of 148 litres per person per day.

  • Our local public supplier, Veolia Water, take water from the River Chess to help meet this high demand

  • The River Chess is now classified as 'over-abstracted', meaning there is now only enough water in the Chess to meet its environmental needs for around 35% of the time, putting important wildlife habitats at serious risk.
  • While this is depressing news, it does means that WE the Chesham public can make a direct and positive impact by reducing the amount of water we waste on a daily basis.

For simple straightforward ideas on reducing water consumption, and information on installing a water meter, please visit: Save Water to Save the Chess

For more information about the River Chess visit:

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